Carbon Monoxide

Low concentrations of CO can go undetected and can contribute to ongoing, unidentified illnesses. At high concentrations, it can be deadly.

Pre-Inspected Listings

Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties – purchasers, vendors and Realtors.

Heating Efficiency

High efficiency heating systems have become popular because they save fuel and, one would suppose, save money. But what do they mean when they talk about efficiency? What is furnace efficiency?

Your New Home

It makes sense for you to learn about the qualities of your investment before putting your money on the line.


Fireplaces are no longer used as the primary source for heating homes, but the magic of a fire stills makes a fireplace a valued part of any home.

Household Glossary

Common Building Technical Terms Explained

Home Improvement Costs

(Life Cycles and Costs)

Truss Uplift

Truss uplift has nothing to do with plastic surgery or under- garments. It is a phenomenon common in homes built with roof trusses as opposed to rafters.

Knob Tube Wiring

A significant number of insurance companies now consider knob and tube wiring unsafe or a significantly higher risk. We disagree.

When Things Go Wrong

Our mantra to homeowners about what happens after they move in to their new house.

60 Amp Services

Many home buyers are discovering that insurance companies are not only concerned about knob and tube wiring; they are also worried about 60 amp services.

Air Filters

While you’re in the basement unpacking the Halloween costumes, take a moment to consider your furnace.

Inspect Before You Renovate

A professional building inspection by a qualified engineer can help you separate the NEEDS from the WANTS.

Home Repair Guide

This report will deal with the simpler topic of home repair–basically replacing things that are worn out or fixing things that are broken.

Vague Real Estate Terms

Here are a collection of vague real estate terms that can get real estate salespeople into trouble. trouble.

The Perfect House

The engineers of Carson Dunlop & Associates Ltd. have conducted over 80, 000 home inspections and we haven’t found a perfect house yet. Since perfection is not an option, what should you expect?

Dating Houses

As home inspectors, we have some tricks for figuring out the age of a house.


While an ideal humidity for homes can be as low as 5%, people prefer about 60% humidity. And because people are more powerful than homes, we add humidifiers to have it our way.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

The outlets with the colored “Test” and “Reset” buttons are specially designed to better protect people than ordinary outlets. GFCI’s have been used in houses since the 1970’s.

Priority Items for New Homeowners

There are so many home maintenance and repair items that are important; it can be confusing trying to establish which are the most critical.


Serious structural problems in houses are not very common, but when they occur they are never cheap to fix. Some can’t be fixed at all. This report won’t turn you into a home inspector, but it will give you some of the common indicators.